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June 24, 2012

MMDA Chief: Tanay Rizal isa sa pwedeng pumalit sa Metro Manila

Tanay City, a Future Impression owned and edited by Mike Catuira posted in Tambayang Hane

Ayon sa Article ni MMDA Chairman Francis N. Tolentino na lumabas sa Philippine Daily Inquirer Online.
Naniniwala sya na oras na para ma plano ang isa pang Lungsod na pa magiging bagong lugar ng Opisina ng Gobyerno at ng Cultural Center ng Pilipinas.

"I believe that it is time to plan deliberately and with foresight for another city that will be the new seat of the national government and cultural center of the country. It is time to build a new and world-class city that will serve as a model for the construction and expansion of other cities in the country, and perhaps in Asia as well. " - Tolentino

Ayon sa kanya, naabot na ng Metro Manila ang kanyang "carrying capacity".

"As we march together with our Asian neighbors and the rest of the world toward a future of unstoppable urbanization, there is a need for us to create an ideal city—intelligent, competitive, green, and inclusive—a “New Metro Manila.” That city will showcase to the world what Filipino talent can conceive and produce, an enduring legacy for future generations to cherish and build upon."

San Rafael, San Ildefonso, Doña Remedios Trinidad sa Bulacan at  Tanay, Rizal ang  mga posibleng location ng Bagong Lungsod ayon kay Tolentino. dagdag pa nya dapat daw hindi flood-prone area at walang volcanic activity at malayo din daw dapat sa fault line ang bagong Lungsod.

Isa daw ang Tanay Rizal sa posibleng location ng Bagong Lungsod dahil dito daw matatagpuan ang mga natural attractions at ilang resorts. Sa lawak na 200 square kilometres na binubuo ng bulubunduking bahagi at ng kapatagan naman na malapit sa lawa ng Laguna De Bay.

"One possible site is Tanay in Rizal province, located 57 kilometers east of Manila and home to several natural attractions and resorts. With a land area of 200 square kilometers, it has gently-rising hills and mountainous relief, ranging in elevation from 100 meters to 900 meters. These are covered mostly with forest, with coastal plains along the southwestern portion of the municipality.
Tanay contains portions of the Sierra Madre mountains and is bordered by Antipolo City in the northeast; Baras, Morong and Teresa in the west; General Nakar, Quezon province, in the east; and Pililla and Santa Maria in  Laguna province; and Laguna de Bay in the south."

"This new city must be attuned to the demands of a 21st century Philippines—with a strong urban agenda, an infrastructure that is not under critical stress, with spatial growth that is not haphazard, circled by townships occupied by middle-income families instead of shantytowns.
Building it will require massive investments. But I am confident that serious investors, foreign and local, will be willing to take part in this momentous undertaking, as long as the cost-benefit analysis of the project is presented in a clear and transparent manner."

From Tolentino’s 2012 book
“A New City—A New Metro Manila, A New Future”

Possible sites for the new city

Location            Land Area(square kilometre)                  Topography                         Travel                                
Tanay                   200                                                         Hills and                         1-2 hours from Manila
                                                                               mountains with forest cover
San Rafael           152.43

San Ildefonso       128.71                                       Mix of plains, hills and
                                                                              mountains with forest cover          2-3 hours from Manila
Doña Remedios    932.98
Trinidad (Bulacan) 

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